Monday, August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad Barcodes: S01E01-07

Slate (actually TDYLF) recently released an infographic "Colorizing Walter White's Decay." The infographic and accompanying article details the color of each character's clothing as they interact with certain people, places, and things in the show. For instance, the closer Walt "gets to Gus, and the stronger his ties to blue meth, the more blue shows up in his barcode."

As noted in the infographic, Gilligan focused on the color of each scene. This reminded me of the work done at Movie Barcode. And after some Googling, led me to a movie barcode generator at Arcane Sanctum.

In the next few posts, I will post bar codes for each Breaking Bad episode. They are generated from the bar code generator, using an image size of 1280x480 and 1280 iterations.

You can find seasons 1-5A combined here. If you're interested, I also started doing this for Mad Men.

Below are barcodes for S01E01-07.

Update 8/22/2013: I learned how to smooth out the barcodes. I'll be replacing the old ones with new, smoother ones. If anyone wants the old ones, please let me know.

S01E01 - Pilot

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